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  • Both Gach Interview

    Posted On January 9, 2019

    Both Gach is a former AZ Compass student from the class of 2018. His advice to students looking to move on to the NCAA and how AZ Compass Prep helped him accomplish as a student and as an athlete.

  • Spotlight Series: Coach Mo

    Posted On October 26, 2018

    Maury Samilton (Coach Mo) is originally from the Denver, Colorado area. Coach Mo attended the storied Denver East High School where he earned several offers to play at the Division One level for the sport of Basketball. Coach Mo attended Junior College to establish his eligibility for the Division One Level. He attended Foothill Jr….

  • Digital Learning Models

    Posted On January 8, 2018

    Along with Skyline Education, Inc.’s nationally recognized curriculum, the network of schools uses digital learning to enhance student success by assessing each student and creating individualized plans to support students through intervention and enrichment.  Skyline’s primary goal is to focus on individual student growth, ultimately leading to proficiency. Skyline Education, Inc. schools use NWEA MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) benchmark testing – a nationally…

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