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United by a common vision and mission, Skyline promotes a commitment to excellence in education and life. We develop character strengths that are used to improve the lives of our students, their families and the community in which they live. It begins with a foundation of strong character strengths that establish our core values. These six-character traits are the values we instill in all of our students, staff and families.

Making decisions are not difficult when you know your core values.


High Expectations as an Individual

Having core values is just the beginning of the journey. Developing these core values and character strengths are the foundation for which we believe success can be achieved. Development of character strength include students, teachers, parents and leadership. To lead others, you must learn to lead from within. U.L.E.A.D is the foundation by which we individually strive to achieve success.

You must manage yourself before you can lead someone else -Zig Ziglar.


Producing Results as a Team

Establishing personal core values and leading oneself is the beginning to having a great impact within a team. A team is built from strong individual contribution, support and commitment. As a team, WE IMPACT our school, our community and beyond. We empower one another to make change and produce results as a team.

Leadership starts from within, but together as a team W.E.I.M.P.A.C.T our students, families and fellow team members. Success is achieved as a team!

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