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Summer Update: School starting Fall 2020

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Dear Skyline Families,

We hope you have enjoyed a wonderful start to the summer.  As promised in previous communication, we would like to outline our initial guidelines for returning to school next year.  As we implement our opening plan, we will be surveying families in the coming weeks to ensure we have feedback on important topics related to COVID-19.  We value your feedback and know that we as a family will ensure the success of our students and staff.   

Our plan is guided by the following principles:

School will begin on July 31 for Kindergarten.  School will begin on August 3 for grades 1-12. 

Primarily all schools will be held in person on campus.  We have provided online education throughout this Pandemic and will continue to provide this opportunity moving forward. Online education from home is offered as an alternate accommodation for parents who do not want their child physically in the classroom when school begins.  Parents will be required to communicate with school leadership to ensure everything is in place prior to school start.  

Ultimately, parents should be responsible for their child’s health and well-being. Parents should monitor their child’s symptoms and keep them home if any symptoms are present. If the school notices any COVID-19 symptoms, the student will be isolated, asked to wear a mask and must be picked up from school immediately.

Parents may choose to have their child wear a mask to school, but it is not our intention to require a mask.  Students may be required to wear masks on buses.

Any staff who presents symptoms of COVID-19 will be isolated, asked to wear a mask and sent home.

All schools will clearly communicate important health and safety guidelines on campus.  Schools will ensure clear direct communication to families regarding COVID-19 related issues through our school communication system as well as our dedicated COVID-19 website page.  

All schools will do their best to ensure use of communal spaces is minimized to smaller groups and we are practicing appropriate social distancing measures. 

Each school has enhanced sanitation procedures to keep the environment safe including;

  • Sanitation and hygiene discussions incorporated into daily instruction with students and staff.
  • Onsite posters and hygiene communication will be posted throughout the campus.
  • Permanent hand sanitizer stations will be installed in every classroom and hallway.
  • High-touch surfaces will be sanitized throughout the day.
  • Classrooms and school grounds will be deep cleaned daily.

Please be on the lookout as we continue to finalize our comprehensive plan.  It is important to have your feedback during this process. We will be sending a survey in the coming weeks, please keep an eye out as we value your feedback. 

It is our goal to continue to provide the best educational experience possible.  We are committed to our students, staff and families always.  Thank you for believing in us, and we look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

Skyline Education remains in close communication with the Governor’s office and Arizona’s Department of Health. Should the current state of the pandemic change, we are prepared to modify the measures listed above in order to maintain safe environment for your child.


Swen Anderson
Skyline Education, Inc.

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