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Whether in dance or cheer, the goal is to help young aspiring dancers become skilled in their craft and to pursue dance or cheer beyond high school. Preparing with a solid foundation of technical skills, teamwork, and performance capability is essential to success in this sport.

Our Dance programs focus on various techniques and styles of dance including Ballet, Modern, Broadway Jazz, Lyrical and Hip Hop. A consistent study in the art of dance assists in the development of essential skills required to become a successful dancer.

Physical: Further refinement of movements, building strength in various dance techniques, and coordinating spatially and rhythmically complex sequences.

Social/Affective: Overcoming awkwardness, building trust among peers, working independently and taking risks.

Cognitive: Distinguishing, manipulating, synthesizing, analyzing, evaluating and creating dance.

Aesthetic: Accurately executing different styles of dance, considering multiple factors leading to aesthetic effect.

Metacognitive: Reflecting on their own qualities as dancers in relation to their training and world dance styles.

Our Cheer programs focus on the fundamentals of cheerleading techniques, safety procedures, stunting, professionalism, and performance etiquette. Cheerleading programs are offered to students in grades Pre-K through 12th grade, and each works with various skill levels that feature beginning, intermediate, and advanced techniques and training. All cheerleaders are representatives of our school and learn the skill sets to become great leaders and role models for those around them.

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