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Importance of Voting!

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The General Election is just weeks away. As a non-partisan organization, we encourage everyone to vote. And, in that spirit, our Arizona Charter School Association has created a Voter 2020 Toolkit to help Arizona voters:

  • confirm they are registered to vote;
  • identify their elected officials and candidates;
  • request an early ballot; or,
  • find their polling place.

If your community is turning out well below other neighborhoods, elected officials will pay less attention, make fewer appearances and fewer appeals to your neighborhoods.  Who votes has a powerful impact on public policy and government. Your constituents have policy and political concerns – whether the direction of an issue or priorities of public budgets – that won’t be heard if they don’t vote.

Voting matters both to the health of the American political system and to the people who participate in it. Be informed! Read up on political issues (both local and national) and figure out where you stand.

People who vote are associated with a host of positive civic, health and social factors. Voting also carries benefits to those who participate in it. You help create the change to benefit your family and community.

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