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August 13, 2020

Dear Skyline Families, 

We appreciate your patience throughout this Pandemic.  While we realize in-person education for students is important, the safety of students and staff is a critical path.  On July 23, 2020, our Governor in consultation with the Arizona Department of Health Services and the Arizona Department of Education issued an Executive Order.  The Executive Order recommends that schools consider public health benchmarks, developed by the Arizona Department of Health, prior to in-person instruction.

On August 7, 2020, from the direction of Governor Doug Ducey, the Arizona Department of Health Services issued recommended benchmarks for opening schools.  Based on these recommendations, our schools have decided to open in-person instruction beginning October 12, 2020.  

Skyline Education and its schools will continue to provide virtual instruction and remain closed for in-person learning until we meet the benchmarks provided by the Arizona Department of Health.  Our leadership team will convene on September 25, 2020 to review benchmarks and determine if we are on track to open October 12, 2020.  We will send a new survey to parents in early September allowing parents to choose between online vs in-person to confirm your choice.     

All schools will be open for on-site targeted supervision Monday – Friday during standard school hours. Targeted supervision may include but is not limited to students with disabilities, English learners, and those in care of the Arizona Department of Child Safety, including foster care.  Targeted supervision is not instruction, but only a safe place to complete virtual instruction provided by the school.  The school administrator will identify if students meet the above criteria by asking parents and guardians to identify their evolving needs on an ongoing basis, including the targeted service their student requires and their scheduling needs.  Space is limited at each site and is capped when capacity is reached.

Starting the school year in a virtual instructional model will require students to be academically engaged daily.  We encourage students to participate in virtual learning during normally scheduled class time.  Regular class attendance is essential for success in school. As required by state law, student attendance must be taken every day.  Students will be marked present if they have been academically engaged in class that day. Academic engagement is achieved by logging in and completed work through the CLEVER portal.  Access your CLEVER portal by clicking on “Student Login for Online Learning” at https://www.skylineschools.com/digital-learning/.  The CLEVER portal provides access for students to Google classroom, Google Email, Edgenuity, Odysseware, Pathblazer and other online applications.

Please see more information about our online learning by clicking here. 

Please click here to access your online learning.

Please click here to access school Distance Learning Plans.

Please see our school mitigation plan and protocols by clicking here.

Please see the Arizona Department of Health Services benchmarks by clicking here.

Please see our Food Service distribution plan by clicking here.

We thank you for your understanding and support during this time.

Skyline Education Inc.

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