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Options for Learning in 2020 – 2021 – Reserve Your Space

Online Instruction Begins for All Students on August 03, 2020

Due to uncertainty regarding resuming instruction on our school campuses during the pandemic, combined with the importance of creating a stable educational environment for our families and staff, Skyline Education and its schools has determined that we will begin instruction for all students via Remote Learning on Monday, August 03, 2020. We will then transition those interested in an on-campus learning experience when it is deemed safe.

Although beginning the school year remotely may not be ideal, we are committed to delivering a high quality, rigorous education to our students 5 days per week.  Our dedicated teaching staff will deliver instruction through digital curriculum (Odysseyware K-5, Edgenuity 6-12) in conjunction with the G-Suite for Education (Google Classroom).  This instruction will include projects, assessments and ongoing regular interaction with Teachers providing constant assistance to students throughout the duration of their courses. Your individual school administrators will provide a detailed schedule and protocols for interacting with teachers during your online experience.   

Your Two Options Once On-campus Learning is Deemed Safe

In order to properly plan for online education as well as in-person instruction when it is safe to return, we are asking families to select their student’s learning option once we are authorized to hold in-person classes: On campus learning or Online remote learning.  You can choose which option best fits each child in your household.  Please know that even after you have selected an option, you can change your selected learning path at defined intervals during the school year. 

Please view our 2020-2021 School Year Options below to determine the best fit for your child.

Read more about your learning choices below.



Thank you again for believing in Skyline Education.  Please view our Skyline Education protocols by clicking here

If you have specific questions regarding enrollment, please email your school campus directly at one of the emails below. 

Skyline South Phoenix: enrollsouthphoenix@skylineschools.com

Skyline Chandler (Vector & AZ Compass): enrollchandler@skylineschools.com

Skyline Gila River: enrollgila@skylineschools.com

Main Contact Phone Number 1-877-225-2118

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