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Name Position
Ronda Owens, M. Ed. Chair of the Board
Swen Anderson, MRED President
KJ Weihing Vice President of Finance
Zyzick Owens Vice  President of Operations
Name Position
Kimberly Owens, M. Ed. Regional Director of Preschools
Candice Roberts, M. Ed. Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Jackie Zander, M. Ed. Director of Academic Support Services / McKinney-Vento Homeless Liaison
Shelby Davis, M. Ed. Assistant Director of Academic Support Services
Kenya Ward, M. Ed. Instructional Coach
Andrea Mullon, M.A. Instructional Coach
Jasmine Cota Director of Development and Admissions
Cassie Hammond Director of Accounting
Mario Bohn Finance
Suzanne Turner Administrative Assistant
Dawn Livesey, MBA Special Education Director
Troy Featherbay IT Systems Administrator
William Johnson IT Software/Hardware/Website Technician
Loretta Inman Food Service Director – East
Robert Dreger Food Service Director – West
Travis Hammond Director of Facilities
Tomi James Director of Transportation

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